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Wood Technology

Typically with wood bats, cheap priced wood bats usually means cheap quality wood.

But, not with these bats!  These bats are cosmetic blemishes Period!  The wood quality is Top-Grade by the manufacturer.  These bats have been "culled" or "rejected" due to COSMETIC blemishes.  Examples of cosmetic blemishes are:  double stamps, logo or engraving misprint or alignment, runs in the paint, stain, or varnish, scratches in the paint, stain, or varnish, wrong color or tint, etc.

Characteristics of Ash Wood

Strong timber and Light Weight

Weight wise, ASH is the strongest timber available....it is pound for pound stronger than maple.

Ash is more flexible than maple.  It tends to flex more compared to maple.

ASH is lighter than maple which offers more versatility with manufacturing larger barrel models.

The downside to ASH is the de-lamination ( or flaking) after use.  It will splinter when broken.

Characteristics of Maple Wood

Hard hitting surface.

Maple timber is very dense ( it is a closed grain wood of layers....think of laminated products) with a harder surface than ash.  Most believe this lends to better performance and more durability.

Maple bats, when broken, will break in half rather than splintering.

Due to weight of the Maple wood, limited versatility with manufacturing larger barrel models.


How Long Will a Wood Bat last?

One day to a year or two or more....one swing to a thousand swings.  There is no magical number of swings or hits in a wood bat.  The two important factors in a wood bat are the quality of the wood and where the ball hits the bat.  You don't just pick up a wood bat and become proficient with it.....it takes time, and yes you will break some bats along the way.  With an aluminum bat, you can hit a ball off the handle and squeak out a hit....hitting a ball off the handle of a wood bat will leave your bat in pieces.

Make sure you hit the bat with the label up or down.  In the case of these misprints, misaligns, or blanks......you want the big grain (called face grain)on top or bottom and you want to hit on the small grains (called end grains).  The end grains are strength of a bat....particularly ash....end grains are the strongest part of an ash bat.  Hitting a ball on the face grain will produce a weaker hit and cause cracking, splitting, and breakage.

Wood bats are great training tools for youth, high school, and college players.  Many instructors are advising their students to utilize wood bats in their training.  The purpose of training, batting practice, hitting lessons, etc. is to produce a repeatable perfected swing and drive the baseball regardless of pitch, speed, and location!  Using a wood bat teaches this more than using an aluminum bat.  There is a very small sweet spot on a wood bat.....and when you find it.....you'll improve your performance with your aluminum bat.  Or, maybe you'll just stick with your wood bat.

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